Studio Policy

Welcome and thank you for choosing my studio. I look forward to a musical and productive year with you.

September fees are due and payable on the first lesson taken in September. From October 1st, fees are payable in advance for the rest of the year by means of post-dated cheques, made payable to “Judy Henry”. Cheques must be deposited with me by October 1st.

Make-up lessons will be arranged ONLY for lessons cancelled by me OR for a maximum of two lessons per year cancelled by the student upon 24 hours notice. There is no refund for missed lessons and missed make-up lessons are forfeited and will not be rescheduled.

In the event of student withdrawal, 14 days notice must be given whether or not the student attends these two weeks of lessons. There will be no refund of fees for this period of notice. Non-attendance at lessons does not constitute a withdrawal.

Materials for teaching are chosen at my discretion to match the level of the student’s development and should be supplied by the student or parent after consultation with me. I am happy to consult with students and/or parents before purchase of a new instrument.

Essential materials for home practice:

  • adjustable music stand for flute students
  • music stand and tuner for harp students
  • if using a keyboard, a proper stand and a bench at the correct height
  • quiet area with proper lighting (please, NO TV)
  • metronome

A minimum of four weekly practise sessions (on the weekly lesson material) is essential. I do not expect perfection in my studio, however I expect that students will approach their music making with enthusiasm, curiosity and a positive attitude. While I understand that lapses in practising can occur due to illness, travel or family circumstances, repeated failure to practice may result in my asking students to reconsider or terminate lessons. Adult students may determine their own level of practice and commitment.

Please be punctual. Because of my schedule, it is usually not possible for me to make up lost time due to tardiness.