Piano Lessons

Judy Henry Piano Lessons

The ability to play the piano is the musical gift that keeps on giving. Judy believes that there is no other instrument so essential to the development of the whole musician. Not only is it a wonderful instrument in itself, it is a powerful springboard for other musical pursuits.

Judy combines her solid classical training with her knowledge of music theory and history – plus just the right mix of fun and disciplined learning – to enable you to make the music you want. Judy teaches piano in her private studio in White Rock, B.C.


  • What if I can’t read music?

    No problem! Judy is an expert at teaching this important skill and you’ll be on your way to reading from the first lesson.

  • How old should my child be before starting piano?

    Judy finds the perfect age to be 7 years, old enough to read, write, do simple math and focus on the lesson. Progress can be amazing at this age.

  • I don’t have a piano, are keyboards OK?

    Yes, Judy accepts students with keyboards. Please have a proper stand and a bench at the correct height. Small keyboards will have to be replaced with a full-sized one before too long, the investment of weighted keys is money well spent.

  • I’m not interested in taking piano exams, can I just play for fun?

    Of course, there are so many excellent resources to draw on. Judy works from certain pedagogical methods but we’ll have fun exploring what you wish to accomplish.

  • How long will I have to practice?

    It’s all about practising smart – and smart practisers don’t watch the clock. Judy will help with tips that work to optimize your practice time. Judy respects adult’s busy lives and will work with the practice time they have. Judy will work with children to develop goal-oriented practice (ideally with adult support because parents that don’t monitor practice usually have children that don’t practice). You would be surprised at how much can be accomplished in 15-20 minutes of focussed practice during busy times.

 Studio policy (for private students)


From piano students

“I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiring music teacher to our three boys. All three of them are developing a love for music and go to play the piano of their own accord (without mom’s prodding) just for fun. You are a most gifted teacher.”
–Tanya, parent

“Thank you for an amazing year of piano, I am super excited for another one! From your BPFE (best piano friend ever).’
–Darya, age 12

“Being able to play the piano has been a real source of joy in my adult life, and my mum (Judy Henry) is a wonderful teacher. While my sister and I were growing up she took us both as students and taught us not only how to make music, but about dedication, hard work and patience. The lessons we took and the hours at the piano honed skills that assist us in our successful creative careers, and music continues to be an important part of our lives years after our lessons have stopped. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts our mum ever gave us”.
–Katharine, age 23