Harp Lessons

Judy Henry Harp Lessons

“I’ve always wished I could play the harp”

No one knows better than Judy that this dream can come true. Just ask her students – and Judy herself, as she came to the harp as an adult learner. Judy loves this instrument shot through with magical history and with a friendly, encouraging style, she will provide you with all the skills you need to become a harpist and address whatever musical goals are on your mind. Judy teaches Celtic harp in her private studio in White Rock, B.C.


  • I don’t own a harp? Will you help?

    Of course! Judy recommends renting a harp for a few months (to make sure before you invest) and can help you with all your questions. She can also help with recommendations for purchase once you’re ready to buy.

  • Do I need to bring my harp to lessons?

    You can if you wish but there are two harps in Judy’s studio and you’re more than welcome to play the 36 string Thormahlen Concert Swan. Why lug a harp around if you don’t have to?

  • What if I can’t read music?

    No problem! Judy is an expert at teaching this skill and because she knows how important this is, she’ll help you take this on from the first lesson. It’s not as hard as you think. And there’s more….improvisation is an essential skill for a Celtic harpist. We’ll have fun with this one!

  • Are weekly lessons necessary?

    It’s important for children to have the continuity of weekly lessons. There’s no question that it’s optimal for progress for all ages. Adults can arrange for bi-weekly lessons.

  • How long should I practice?

    It’s all about practising smart – and smart practisers don’t watch the clock. Judy will help with tips that work to optimize your practice time. Judy respects adult’s busy lives and will work with the practice time they have. Judy will work with children to develop goal-oriented practice (ideally with adult support because parents that don’t monitor practice usually have children that don’t practice).

  • How old do I have to be before starting lessons?

    Judy strongly recommends two years of piano training before starting harp lessons but it’s not absolutely necessary. What is necessary is the desire to play and the ability to focus during the lessons.

 Studio policy (for private students)


From harp students

“For the past 2 ½ years, I have had the pleasure of taking harp lessons from Judy Henry. Learning to play the harp was a lifelong dream and at the age of 62, having just retired and without any musical direction, I embarked on the musical journey to fulfill my dream. I have had a great deal of success. I now read music and play at an early intermediate level and I love it. I attribute all of this success and joy to Judy’s teaching ability.

Judy Henry is a marvelous teacher. She is patient, thorough and clear. Judy sets attainable goals and guides me through the learning process with keen-eyed patience and attention to detail. When I am struggling, Judy finds another creative approach to enhance my confidence, understanding and ability. When I am sailing smoothly, she challenges my learning. Judy is skilled, strategic, articulate and kind. I am grateful to have her as a teacher.”
–Jacqueline Dunn, M.Ed.

“I went to Judy after playing the harp for ten years because I knew I could really improve with further instruction; learning with Judy has been a richly rewarding experience and exactly what I need. Judy is always encouraging, always ready to find a fresh approach to – or around – a roadblock and successfully treads that fine line between too much criticism and too little. If you’re serious about learning the harp, Judy is the teacher for you.”
–Tom, mining engineer