Flute Lessons

Judy Henry Flute Teacher

The flute was Judy’s first love and she is still experiencing the magic. Whether your goal is to ace band class, prepare for an RCM exam or simply wish to explore the flute, Judy welcomes all ages and abilities into her studio.

Some subjects covered are:

  • practice strategies that work with the time you have
  • reading and rhythm skills
  • fabulous flute tone
  • technical development
  • articulation matters!
  • vibrato when you’re ready


Classically trained, Judy’s knowledge of music history brings flute repertoire through the centuries to life and she will address whatever flutey goals are on your mind in her friendly, experienced and patient manner. Judy teaches flute lessons in her private studio in White Rock, B.C.


  • How old should my child be before starting the flute?

    Optimal would be around 10 or 11 because it takes a great deal of air to drive this instrument and it can be awkward to hold for a small person. Judy has started younger students with curved headjoints which offer an easier reach to the lip plate.

  • Will you help me buy a flute?

    Of course! Judy is happy to recommend flutes that work well for students. For higher end purchases, she can assist your choice in person.

  • HELP! Band class is moving too fast.

    We’ll slow down in private lessons and give you the tools you need to catch up, feel comfy and ultimately surpass band skills. Believe me, there’s life beyond Bb major…

  • How much will I need to practice.?

    Smart practice is more than watching the clock! Judy understands busy schedules but also understands the fact that parents that don’t monitor their child’s practice in a supportive manner have children that don’t practice. For beginners, short sessions are best because of the breathing involved. Growing into focussed goal oriented practice is what we’re aiming for. Judy respects adult’s busy lives and will work with their practice schedules.

 Studio policy (for private students)


From flute students

“Thank you for giving me the gift of music. I really appreciated your dedication, enthusiasm and never-ending patience. It was really fun and I learned so much.”
–Leslie, grade 12

“Just like previous years, you’ve once again taught me everything I need to know and more. I really enjoy being one of your students and I’ve learned more than I thought I could on this instrument.”
–Jackson, grade 10

“Taking lessons with Judy opened a new musical chapter in my life. I’ve experienced patience at all levels and a superb knowledge of the flute repertoire. Judy meets the students where they are, there is no better teacher for an adult learner.”